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>> I will be talking about "Education on-line for development" at the The
>> Sixth Annual United Nations Internet Governance Forum ANU Remote Hub,
>> Australian National University in Canberra, 3pm, 29 September 2011 ...
>> http://www.tomw.net.au/technology/it/education%20_online_for_development/
> Reads well, Tom.

Thanks. Some has recommended "The Commonwealth of Learning" (COL), set 
up by Commonwealth countries for e-learning in developing nations. Does 
anyone have experience of their work? 

Also there are:

1. Wikiversity: http://en.wikiversity.org
2. Flat Classroom Project: http://www.flatclassroomproject.org/About

Are there any other initiatives of note?

One key to on-line education is open access to materials. A debate on 
this is currently taking place at University of Canberra: 

ANU has an open access policy for scholarly publishing: 

  International students could start their studies on-line and before 
they come to Australia. As well as being a useful marketing technique, 
this would reduce some of the administrative problems: 

> Also perhaps of interest to yourself, other linkers, and/or students ..
> ... Virtual Worlds for Academic, Organizational and Life-Long Learning ...

I am not a fan of virtual worlds for learning. The implementations, such 
as Second Life, seem to take a very literal interpretation of what a 
virtual world is, assuming it has to look and work like the real world. 
The worst I have seen are 3D representations of a "library", as a 
building full of paper books and card catalogs, when real libraries are 
becoming virtual.

ps: Also I find it disturbing the avatars which some librarians choose. 
I expect a librarian to be in a tweed suit, not a slinky nightclub 
outfit. ;-)

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