[LINK] Google ... EPIC Launches 'Good to Really Know'

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                    E P I C   A l e r t
Volume 19.02                                        February 2, 2012

                   Published by the
       Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
                   Washington, D.C.


[3] Google to Consolidate User Data; EPIC Launches 'Good to Really Know'

Following Google's launch of the "Good to Know" advertising campaign, 
EPIC has posted "Good to Really Know," a short YouTube video offering 
viewers practical advice about Internet privacy.

The "Good to Really Know" video discusses the basics of Internet 
tracking and profiling, explaining that search companies track users' 
IP addresses every time they conduct a search, and that advertisers 
employ persistent identifiers, or "cookies," to track users on the 
Internet. EPIC's video also reminds viewers that "It's Your Data" and 
provides information on how to improve online privacy - for example by 
avoiding creating user accounts wherever possible. The video also 
encourages users to protest corporate misuse of their data and press
advertisers to ask users' permission before profiling them.

The EPIC campaign is a response to Google's multi-million dollar
advertising blitz called "Good to Know."

EPIC:  "Good to Really Know" Video     

Google:  "Good to Know"


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