[LINK] Megaupload data may go bye-bye

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Fri Feb 3 15:12:52 AEDT 2012

Brendan wrote:

> Telling.  It is all "copyrighted material".  It's a question of who holds the copyright.

Good point, Brendan.

Big Entertainment has brainwashed consumers into thinking that they (Big E) somehow have
a copyright privilege granted to them. The reality is that any work gains copyright
when it is created. I believe there have been a few scattered instances of registering
your copyright, but that is not necessary.

Denizens of the internet often wonder if this or that is copyrighted, which makes
me laugh. It's all copyrighted. Or copylefted, I guess, in the case of open source.
Sharing other people's material all depends on the sharing rights that are granted.

Prosecutors have no business removing material from Megaupload's servers
where the material's copyright lives with the uploader. The owner of the material
can probably take legal action against such a move. The fact that there may be
infringing material on the same server is irrelevant.

Of course, IANAL, and the devil in the detail of copyright law may render the above
totally inaccurate. Far be it from me to attempt to apply common sense to the law.


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