[LINK] Entertainment Industry Observation

TKoltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Tue Feb 7 11:08:59 AEDT 2012

As we approach Android Ubiquity, one needs to consider the underlying
elements that will determine the winners and losers in the competition
for advertising attention.

Speed of delivery, spectrum, bandwidth, compression tools utilised.
Google purchased ON2 technologies. (The Sorenson type technology you
apple guys...)
The value of it's compression algorithms is the bandwidth saved per
second of video delivery which makes the 124 million they paid seem like
a mirthful joke.
(Equivalency of compression efficiency on a global basis is equivalent
to almost 3 Terahertz of Spectrum).

Breadth of selection of content. 
Users uploading to Youtube replicate the global content created since
1895 every eleven days.

Cost of Engagement
Android Smartphones emerging from China are now under $45.00.

Ease of Engagement.
Android auto plays Video
Apple requires user interaction to play video.

Extrapolated Conclusion.
Android Wins, Apple Loses.
Google takes over ailing and failing cellular carriers that were killed
in late 2013 by infrastructure upgrade costs required to be able to
deliver user demanded video entertainment content.

So then the question only remains, do Facebook users effect a
co-operative crowd sourced buyout of Google.

We live in interesting times with fascinating possibilities.


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