[LINK] Gillard announced a $620 million deal for two NBN broadband satellites.

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Thu Feb 9 05:59:53 AEDT 2012

Kim Holburn wrote:

> What does 12 megabit download speeds actually mean?  Shared by how many people?

Exacto. Visiting my brother's place in Canada, I was using his Shaw Cable
Internet connection. That cable carries HDTV, analogue TV, and Internet for
a neighbourhood loop.

Billed at 25 Mb/s+, in the evening when the locals are home watching TV and
surfing the net, the speed crawls to a snail's pace.

A three-minute YouTube video took over 15 minutes to download.

It amazes me that Shaw can get away with such flakey advertising.


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