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> The digitised books elaborate the concepts; for example, if the chapter has to explain the heart and its functioning, the diagram will be digitised, which will make it easy for children to understand.
> "Currently most e-books are flat texts with no interactive elements (largely built to cater to novels and fiction). Educational books are different in that they have text, images, tables and references. We're pushing the boundaries to make them more interactive - integrating audio, video, tests and knowledge sources like dictionaries and wikipedia."
> A Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) official said though the board was considering the idea, it was premature to say anything. "Digital textbooks are interactive. While children enjoy it, they learn as well," he says.
> According to Internet World Stats, an international website that features world internet usage, India ranks third in internet usage with nearly 100 million users, comprising 8.4 percent of India's population and 4.7 percent of world users. 

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