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I wouldn't worry Paul, the criuppled viewing platform isnt even a
consideration: Indians are buying mainly el-cheapo Android phones and

Ref: India's $35 Aakash Android tablet
(Tom probably missed the discussion last mointh on the 35$ Indian
Android Pad.

I doubt that the majority of the people who will be using this resource
can even afford an iPad.

i.e.: of the 74 million iPads sold last year, the total population of
India that they could have supplied is less than 0.62% of the
So on that basis, I guess it's not really a worry - except to Apple.


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> >> The modules have video, text notes, quizzes and other 
> materials (all 
> >> does with Flash).
> > Well there went the iPad users. Not a very wise choice.
> to which choice do you refer - the app developer, or all the 
> users choosing the crippled viewing platform?
> P.
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