[LINK] NSW Ombudsman Website Search powered and blocked by Google

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Mon Feb 13 18:03:19 AEDT 2012

Scott Howard wrote:
> This has nothing to do with the site the search is on, and everything to 
> do with your computer, or one that you're sharing a public IP address with.

I understood and believed that much of the message.

> This error means that Google has detect "suspicious" traffic from your 
> IP address.  If you're on an IP address that you're the only person 
> that's using, then odds are you've got malware installed on your system 
> that is making requests to Google (eg, sending spam, faking adsense 
> clicks, etc)

What is curious, is if I do a search through search box on my own website, 
from same computer - the search (with advertisements works fine).

So, despite the message, it appears to be a combination of my computer and 
the particular website - I won't go so far as to suggest it is the topic 
(Planning) I searched for on the NSW Ombudsman's website.

NSW Planning Legislation is currently under review.

> If you're on a shared IP address (corporate proxy, coffee shop NAT, etc) 
> then it generally means that someone behind that IP is infected with 
> malware, or is deliberately running some form of malicious traffic to 
> Google.
> You'll find a lot of people claiming Google incorrectly displaying this 
> message when there was no malicious traffic, but in my experience 
> (running proxy servers being used by hundreds of thousands of users 
> behind them) every time this error came up, there was a very real reason 
> for it...
>   Scott

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