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> A reasonable article, and editorial, regards TV Now technology ..
> Playing By New Rules
> Colleen Ricci Feb 13, 2012. <http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/playing-by-
> new-rules-20120210-1sijv.html#ixzz1mBHyKb5f>
> Recent Headlines
> "Decision renders TV deals worthless" Sydney Morning Herald, February 2
> "Rivals to copy Optus plan if appeals fail" The Australian, February 3
> "Sports chiefs lobby PM for change in copyright law" Sydney Morning
> Herald, February 7
> "Optus succeeds in bid to air sport via new mobile TV service" Herald
> Sun, February 1

Isn't it the case that re-transmitting the free to air broadcast adds
value to the TV rights holders?
If Telstra paid $150m for exclusive online rights, couldn't it be
argued the TV rights (including TV Now style legal rebroadcasting) are
now even more valuable, as the broadcast advertisements will reach a
larger audience?
Michael Skeggs

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