[LINK] NSW Ombudsman Website Search powered and blocked byGoogle

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> Interesting - looks like this is indeed a different case to 
> the normal "sorry" page.
> It would appear that Google has basically deprecated the 
> www.google.com/custom URL, but without telling anyone! 
> Even going to that URL manually and doing a search results in the
Sorry page coming up.
> In theory this wouldn't matter, as the search box is supposed to be
done using Javascript 
> which would have automatically picked up the change in name - however
it looks like 
> this site simply has hard-coded the URL, which is what's causing the
> The custom search URL has been abused in the past, but simply
redirecting it to the 
> Sorry page regardless of the situations seems a little extreme, even
for Google...
So Scott, our choices would then seem to be reduced to:
1.   Google can really filter, they were just joking about China.
2.   Google can do evil, they were just joking about being the good
3.   This is actually a Beta of Googles new service... HR-101[Ref:1]

Did I miss anything ?

[1] HR-101 ? Historical Revisionism, beginners Class.


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