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TKoltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Sat Feb 18 19:58:41 AEDT 2012

A curious comment on a Youtube I came across today has me considering
revisiting the whole copyright argument...


The comment was :

Uploaded by LastAmaranth on Jul 12, 2011

A scary (if naïve) indictment of the actions of the Copyright overlords.

The interesting thing is that copyright infringement notices (take-down)
issued by third parties now almost automatically divert the YouTube
advertising income from the the uploader to the claimant.
There is a challenge appeal system, but if one loses, then regardless of
the work involved in compiling the content in the YouTube, the money
goes elsewhere.

The Judiciary and our legislators need to be made aware that this state
of affairs; where;
Artistic works in the public domain are now claimed on behalf of
Corporate America;  
Tribal and ancestral tunes are copyrighted in other countries precluding
their use by the trad ional owners. (Lambada);
the public are apparently scared of being sued for uploading to YouTube;

consequently, remixing, artistic expression and in general artistic
"Joie de vivre" are  departing from our lives.

There is no amount of lobbying that should be able justify this

The Search term: "YouTube +removed due to copyright claim" returns
about "94,900,000 results".

That's a problem that affects (or is of substantial interest too,) 1.3%
of the worlds population (or nearly 8% of the Western Worlds online

Any Government that stands by idly whilst our traditions and life
enjoyments are stolen by the copyright police, should hang their heads
in shame. 


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