[LINK] iView outpaces iTunes

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> On Mon, 2012-02-20 at 09:47 +1100, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> > The survey of more than 1000 Australians found that 32 per cent of
> > those who watched streamed or downloaded content did so via iView, 
> > the ABC's catch-up video service, which is available on 
> computer, on 
> > TV via gaming consoles and on mobile devices.
> Living as we do without free-to-air or pay TV (by choice) we 
> do however use IView extensively. It's amazing how being able 
> to choose what you watch and when *reduces* how much you 
> watch; and you end up, of course, only watching what you 
> actually enjoy.
> It had irritated me for a while that IView actively tries to 
> prevent the capture of their video streams. It wasn't enough 
> to spur me to action though, until a few weeks ago, when I 
> finally got and installed python-iview, which lets me display 
> everything IView has to offer, and selectively download it 
> for later viewing.
> I'm sure there are Windows and Mac equivalents.
> Regards, K.

Some sleeping giants are best not prodded so that they develop
multi-headed Java nasties.

But... Chuckle and looking around for the LIKE button.... 


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