[LINK] ABC News: The great NBN fail

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At 09:25 PM 22/02/2012, Antony Barry wrote:

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Am reading Nick's article and ran across this little gem:
"Did anyone query the direct profitability and "business case" when 
building Australia's sewer infrastructure? "

I just looked at the details and paid my water bill today. The total 
bill was $140, with $84 of it sewage disposal 'supply'!  So maybe it 
would be worth comparing it as a real revenue generator, if it 
weren't so unfortunate a comparison re the negative connotation of sewage.

Nick, I hope you send a courtesy copy to Quigley and Conroy, and 
every LNP member of the parliament to wake them up.

Will this story get any play on TV or just online text copy? If it's 
only on the website, it's not going to have the impact needed.


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