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TKoltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Thu Feb 23 19:05:54 AEDT 2012

I may have made a mistake or two the other day in relation to climate


Here's the AOM [Atmospheric Ocean Model] data from NASA. Which they
stopped collecting [updating] at the peak of the 24th Solar cycle in
around 2004.

None of their tools, programs, plots, data sets have been upgraded

Curiously that was also the year before the Kyoto Agreement was to be
have been ratified...

I will leave linkers to make up their own minds about what that actually
However, when a leading Federally funded multi-disciplined scientific
research body stops updating all aspects of their then-to-fore daily
updated data projections, one has to wonder, just a little bit.

I also thought Linkers would be interested in the NASA definition of
climate change with 58 variables included. 

Amazingly not one of them attributable to man made... 

It's easy to claim something is man made when you leave all the natural
occurrence data out of the reports.

Just my 1/2 cents worth... 
Because I actually believe we need a believable method for introducing a
new currency. 



Source: Judith Lean
Download LinePlotFile: SUN.LP http://aom.giss.nasa.gov/SOLAR/SUN.LP
Download PostScript file: SUN.ps http://aom.giss.nasa.gov/SOLAR/SUN.ps

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