[LINK] Climate Change

jim birch planetjim at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 10:00:48 AEDT 2012

TKoltai  wrote:

However, when a leading Federally funded multi-disciplined scientific
> research body stops updating all aspects of their then-to-fore daily
> updated data projections, one has to wonder, just a little bit.

Option 1: A highly disciplined international conspiracy of thousands of
climate scientists and their staff decided to suppress some data they
didn't like.  No one squealed, TomK picked it up from stuff left on their
web site.

Option 2: NASA's OAM program wound down.  The OAM program is a model not a
primary data source.

> I also thought Linkers would be interested in the NASA definition of
> climate change with 58 variables included.
> Amazingly not one of them attributable to man made...

Option 1: AGW disproved!!!
Option 2: This is a list of atmospheric properties that the OAM program
used to characterise climate and says nothing about causal relationships,
natural or otherwise.

Take your pick.


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