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Claude Allegre, a socialist politician who said:

> In 1996, Allègre opposed the removal of carcinogenic asbestos from the Jussieu university campus in Paris, describing it as harmless and dismissing concerns about it as a form of "psychosis created by leftists".[6] The campus' asbestos is deemed[by whom?] to have killed 22 people and caused serious health problems in 130 others.[7]


>From here:

> The latest example is that of Claude Allègre – whose recent book "The climate imposture" would have you believe at least six impossible things before breakfast and a great many more before dinner. This is notable because Allègre is one of the most eminent figures in science communication in France, Academie de Sciences member, Crafoord prize winner, former minister of education and research and a fixture on the late night talk shows in France (including a topical satirical version of the 'muppets'). One might expect a certain degree of rigour from an author with such a pedigree, but on the contrary, nearly every explanation, graphic, or citation in this book is misleading or just plain wrong. If Allègre was not such a high profile figure in France, this nonsense would have been dismissed and ignored, instead, it is regular fodder for the late night talk shows. In my entire career I have never seen so many factual errors in a single publication. It is truly a remarkable work!

> It is practically impossible to give a complete overview of what is wrong with the Allègre’s book. However, some people have made a good start: Stephane Foucart, a science journalist at Le Monde, wrote a piece on Le cent-fautes de Claude Allegre (the ‘Hundred Errors’ – this is a play on words, ‘un sans-faute’ (pronounced the same way) means a perfect score) and Sylvestre Huet from the Liberation started a series of debunkings and is now at part five (also in French) and which he has turned into a short book! I started my own list of errors here (in German).

etc, etc, etc.

On 2012/Feb/25, at 7:37 PM, TKoltai wrote:

> Inc. Some Aussies and a Kiwi.
> Quote/ [From:
> http://epw.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Files.View&FileStore_i
> d=c5e16731-3c64-481c-9a36-d702baea2a42]
> Geophysicist Dr. Claude Allegre, a top geophysicist and French Socialist
> who has
> authored more than 100 scientific articles and written 11 books and
> received numerous
> scientific awards including the Goldschmidt Medal from the Geochemical
> Society of the
> United States, converted from climate alarmist to skeptic in 2006.
> Allegre, who was one
> of the first scientists to sound global warming fears 20 years ago, now
> says the cause of
> climate change is "unknown" and accused the "prophets of doom of global
> warming" of
> being motivated by money, noting that "the ecology of helpless
> protesting has become a
> very lucrative business for some people!" "Glaciers' chronicles or
> historical archives
> point to the fact that climate is a capricious phenomena. This fact is
> confirmed by
> mathematical meteorological theories. So, let us be cautious," Allegre
> explained in a
> September 21, 2006 article in the French newspaper L'EXPRESS. The
> National Post in
> Canada also profiled Allegre on March 2, 2007, noting "Allegre has the
> highest
> environmental credentials. The author of early environmental books, he
> fought successful
> battles to protect the ozone layer from CFCs and public health from lead
> pollution."
> Allegre now calls fears of a climate disaster "simplistic and obscuring
> the true dangers"
> mocks "the greenhouse-gas fanatics whose proclamations consist in
> denouncing man's
> role on the climate without doing anything about it except organizing
> conferences and
> preparing protocols that become dead letters." Allegre, a member of both
> the French and
> U.S. Academy of Sciences, had previously expressed concern about manmade
> global
> warming. "By burning fossil fuels, man enhanced the concentration of
> carbon dioxide in
> the atmosphere which has raised the global mean temperature by half a
> degree in the last
> century," Allegre wrote 20 years ago. In addition, Allegre was one of
> 1500 scientists who
> signed a November 18, 1992 letter titled "World Scientists' Warning to
> Humanity" in
> which the scientists warned that global warming's "potential risks are
> very great."
> Geologist Bruno Wiskel of the University of Alberta recently reversed
> his view of
> man-made climate change and instead became a global warming skeptic.
> Wiskel was
> once such a big believer in man-made global warming that he set out to
> build a "Kyoto
> house" in honor of the UN sanctioned Kyoto Protocol which was signed in
> 1997. Wiskel
> wanted to prove that the Kyoto Protocol's goals were achievable by
> people making small
> changes in their lives. But after further examining the science behind
> Kyoto, Wiskel
> reversed his scientific views completely and became such a strong
> skeptic that he
> recently wrote a book titled "The Emperor's New Climate: Debunking the
> Myth of
> Global Warming." A November 15, 2006 Edmonton Sun article explains
> Wiskel's
> conversion while building his "Kyoto house": "Instead, he said he
> realized global

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