[LINK] Climate denial central - Was - BOM fails in Climate Prediction..... Cern Confirms Cloud theory.

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> Could we possibly get posts here back on-topic?  After a 10 
> year break from the Link list, I was really looking forward 
> to reading the varied and interesting posts here once again.
> Now it seems to have become climate denial central. :-(
> Ben

OK Ben, but I was building up to the really juicy one... 

The one where all the scientists from NASA that developed the climate
models in the first place were all replaced in 2002 when they suddenly
decided that the real time data from the satellites was not showing what
the models predicted which meant that the models were faulty.

... and where those Scientists are now on "assignment" to other
institutions... with temporary tenure (and how they are now speaking

... and how an entire new team was put in place to alter the figures
from the older Fortran modelling software to fit the newer Fortran
modelling software.

... And how the NASA climate satellite was on it's last legs and had to
have all of it's data "interpreted" by humans before being fed into the

... and how members of the congressional appropriations committee are
considering a letter from Congress to request that the one billion
dollar funding for NASA Climate investigation be cancelled due to junk
climate science (in relation to the data from the following Para.).

... and how the Japanese stuffed up the whole plan by launching a
satellite: "IBUKI" Greenhouse gases Observing SATellite (GOSAT) and then
releasing all data publicly to anyone... [Ref [1]) Public Release of
Observation Data (Radiance Spectrum and Images) in Real time without any
"massaging" or "interpretation".

Linkers wanted a conspiracy theory, and I was just about to serve it up
to them with all the evidence.

In other words, how Governments can cook the "official books" with

In the words of Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum: "Climate change is
"an absolute travesty of scientific research that was motivated by those
who, in my opinion, saw this as an opportunity to create a panic and a
crisis for government to be able to step in and even more greatly
control your life."

Are you still sure that all of that isn't appropriate for a forum about
the activities of heretofore respected (NASA) Archivists and their
academic colleagues ? 

OK... I'll withdraw, after cherry picking and destroying almost every
fact that created the AGW in the first place, not with supposition but
with hard research.

Now there are only those left reading this thread that are interested in
learning the truth and those that would deny it, even from themselves.



[1] http://data.gosat.nies.go.jp/

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