[LINK] AFACT makes their case in the press

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There's a couple worthy of note...


If the media companies devoted more time in trying to come up with an
efficient delivery system at a reasonable price for the broadest
possible content then they would not have to waste hundreds of millions
of dollars trying to make a criminal of any person over the age eight
with internet access.

So, while big business can afford to pay for you to promote broken
copyright regulations... I, the modern consumer, don't have to pay for
movements like anonymous to defend my right to get entertainment the way
I want it.
What do I want?
1. I want to download movies; all of them, even the old ones that will
no longer make a buck for corporates to sell so don't get re-released.
2. I want to be able to read and make comments about the
movie/music/books/whatever at the source of the download.
3. I want to NOT pay for unnecessary and un-environmental plastic
packaging of entertainment.
4. I want NEVER to be denied an option to watch a movie, read a book,
listen to music that is available in other countries, but not in my
country because of broken copyright laws and regulations that you are
trying to protect.


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