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At 09:45 AM 28/02/2012, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>By the dates of these submissions, this has been morphing around in
>its current venture for 4 years.

Bless web archive. What a great resource.

I was wrong. This has been going on since NeHTA was established in 2004.

Guess who was Health Minister then:  give up?   Mr Abbott!!

Here's the workplan elements:

Over the 12-months to June 2005, NEHTA has a specific work program 
and deliverables, as agreed by Ministers. [note: deliverables. 
Implementation is mentioned throughout this description as well.]

The 12-month national health IM&ICT priorities are:
    * Clinical Data Standards;
    * Patient, Provider and Product Identifica-tion Standards;
    * Patient, Provider and Product Directories;
    * Supply Chain;
    * Consent Models;
    * Secure Messaging and Information Trans-fer; and
    * Technical Integration Standards.

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