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Mon Jul 2 10:21:48 AEST 2012

Not only was 1 July the date of the start of the carbon tax it was also 
the date of the launch of the NEHRS (the National eHealth Record System).

So, if anyone wants a personally controlled eHealth record all you have 
to do is apply to register for one - by phone, in person or by filling 
in a form.

The form is available here

The registration booklet is here:

You don't actually get a PCEHR, but you do get to apply to register for 
one. You don't get to set any controls, that will (might?) come later. 
However, the controls look a little strange. According to the booklet, 
once information is in your eHealth record, you can't remove it. As the 
form and the booklet say:

The Chief Executive Medicare may hold information about you which can be 
included in your eHealth record over time.

This information may include details that indicate diagnosed conditions 
and illnesses. If you do not want to have such details visible in your 
eHealth record, you should not consent to the inclusion of this 
information. You can withdraw your consent at any time, in which case no 
new information will be provided to the System Operator for
inclusion in your eHealth record.

Importantly, however, if an item of information was indexed in your 
eHealth record before you revoke your consent, the full item may be made 
available to the System Operator at any time, even after you revoke your 
consent. You should refer to the Registration Booklet for more 
information about this process.

So, you control information by not putting it into your eHealth record. 
That's not exactly impressive.


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