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> Tom, you'd better go and edit the Wikipedia page: 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_dioxide
> Which states, 
> uncontested, that volcanoes emit 130-230 million tonnes 
> (of CO2) per annum, while "emissions of CO2 by human activities are 
> currently more than 130 times greater than the quantity emitted by 
> volcanoes, amounting to about 27 billion tonnes per year".
> There are lots of big words on that page, so I'm unable to make any 
> sense of it. This mission requires someone with your superior 
> intellect! 
> Go to it!
> ...R.

Thanks for the suggestion Richard,

But we know that Wikipedia is managed by the people with the most money
to hire the most number of appropriate political editors.
Therefore your suggestion would seem almost as pointless as an edit that
I or anyone else made that was contrary to the "official" position would
be unmade in relatively short time.

Link is ostensibly about the management of archival data, yet there are
very few discussions on Link about the accuracy of that data,
revisionism and political "correctness" interference in mans "cultural"

For example: When one popular financial theory is dismantled by facts,
then the name is merely changed... 
E.g.: Lutz's renaming of Global Warming to Climate Change ?

Again, Richard, I note that you attack the messenger and not the

A shame.



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