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Telstra offers signal boost - at a price

July 6, 2012 - 11:00AM

Just one year after crowing that its superior mobile network would 
never need coverage "bandaids", Telstra has started selling a booster 
for people with weak indoor mobile reception.

When Optus trialled a similar product in April last year Telstra said 
the product was "a means of compensating for poor coverage".

"Telstra's... network does not have the same issues with in-building 
coverage to justify the need for these devices," a company 
spokeswoman said at the time.
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Last month Telstra started selling a device called "Mobile Smart 
Antenna" for $720, which includes a "window unit" that receives NextG 
signals from outdoors and an indoor "coverage unit".

"All you need is at least one spot within your office or home where 
you can make calls. You can then use the Smart Antenna to extend that 
coverage to other areas of the building, where there is no signal, or 
the existing signal strength is low," its website states.
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