[LINK] Telstar, 50 this week

Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Wed Jul 11 16:29:23 AEST 2012

I remember it well, living in London at the time. It was all over the 
papers and the part I remember most clearly was a story about incorrect 
antennae polarisation. I was wondering if it was a myth so looked it up 
and, yes there was a problem.

> I was interested to know about the anecdote often heard about the original
> transatlantic video attempt over the Telstar-1 satellite, where, on 
> the first pass, the
> attempt failed because the wrong polarisation was set at the Goonhilly 
> end of the link.
> Digging deeper, it transpires that there had been a miscommunication 
> about the way
> the feed worked between the US suppliers and the engineers at 
> Goonhilly (the feed
> was the only US component). Once the fault had been identified and 
> fixed, in time for
> the next pass, the first live TV pictures were received, astonishingly 
> well within a day
> after Telstar-1’s launch.


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