[LINK] Problems With London 2012 Olympics Australian Web Page

Rick Welykochy rick at vitendo.ca
Sun Jul 15 14:01:35 AEST 2012

Tom Worthington wrote:

> * W3C mobileOK Checker scores the page at 0 out of 100, for
> compatibility with mobile
> devices:http://validator.w3.org/mobile/check?task=20120714061228680.mobile2&docAddr=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tawdis.net%2Ftawdis%2Fonline

IMHO, web accessibility does not include mobile devices, i.e.

The are two different beasts. As one who develops web sites, I would have
to code up a completely different set of templates and application
back-end to handle a mobile phone interface properly. Or am I being too 20th century?

Beyond a different style sheet or two, I certainly would not want to double
my work. Unless it was required of the web site.

Accessibility is one thing. Phones are another kettle of conundrums.


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