[LINK] Problems With London 2012 Olympics Australian Web Page

Rick Welykochy rick at vitendo.ca
Wed Jul 18 10:03:52 AEST 2012

Tom Worthington wrote:

> But I suggest it is worth worryng about people who have slow Internet
> connections and different browsers. Then the web pages will be more
> likely to work on mobile devices and for a wide range of other users.

Indeed. The goals for web designers and app programmers, I would hope,
are the following:

(a) Get rid of the need for "an app for that" and just write it
     once in HTML5 for all devices including hand-helds.

(b) Cater to varying screen sizes with several style sheets geared
     to, say, large, medium and small displays.

I have enjoyed playing Angry Birds in Firefox and Safair. It was written
solely using JS and HTML5. Impressive.


I wonder how it plays on a cell phone.


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