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Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
Fri Jul 20 08:43:24 AEST 2012

I will be giving a presentation on my experience of providing
professional education on-line at CSIRO in Canberra, on Monday. Also I
will comment on where Australian tertiary education is heading in the
face of global competition. All welcome:

Topic: Green Computing Professional Education Course Online
By: Tom Worthington, ANU Research School of Computer Science
For: IR and friends: http://es.csiro.au/ir-and-friends/
Location: CSIRO Seminar Room, Level 2, CSIT Building, ANU, Canberra:
Time: 4pm, 23 July 2012

Just back from the 7th International Conference on Computer Science &
Education (ICCSE 2012), Tom will reprise his presentation on how to
teach on-line using e-documents. He will also give some impressions as
to where Australian tertiary computer science and engineering education
is heading in the face of global competition. Notes from Tom's
conference presentation:

Description: Sustainable ICT Courses are being introduced at the
vocational training level and more rarely at undergraduate and graduate
levels. This paper reports on a graduate level Sustainable ICT Course
run for the first time in 2009, as part of a global professional
training program. The same course has been run at an Australian
university and later adapted for North America by a Canadian university.
The course had enrolments from industry based participants from both
private and public sector organisation, as well as full time university
students, with corporate Green ICT strategies being produced as course
assignments. This paper discusses the student population and presents
the course structure and assessment. An empirical evaluation of student
responses, conducted at the end of the course, has yet to be completed,
but some impressions of the differences in responses from graduate
students and external participants is presented.

Keywords: sustainable ICT education, postgraduate studies, climate
change, greenhouse gas emissions, e-learning, work integrated learning.

Reference as:

    WORTHINGTON, T. 2012. A green computing professional education
    course online: designing and delivering a course in ICT
    Sustainability using Internet and eBooks. [Preprint]. 7th
    International Conference on Computer Science & Education. Melbourne,
    Australia: IEEE.
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