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Worth a look.

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/--The Government is trying to push through sweeping changes to
Australia's surveillance and intelligence laws which put our privacy at
risk. *Watch the video to find out more and sign the petition:


Dear David,

Would you copy ASIO in on every personal email you send, include them in
every conversation you have with a friend online, send them your
personal photos and videos? Soon, you may not have a choice.

Right now *the Government is considering the most sweeping and radical
changes to Australia's surveillance and intelligence laws since the
establishment of the original laws in 1979. *

The changes would give Australia's spy agency, ASIO, broad powers to
gather unprecedented levels of data on Australian citizens, including
monitoring your emails and posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social
media accounts. *Internet providers and websites would be forced to keep
detailed records of everything you do online for at least 2 years, and
be forced to turn this over to the government if requested* - and all of
this could potentially be done without a warrant.

We've put together an informative video to explain the changes. *Watch
the video to find out more about how your privacy could be invaded, and
add your name to the petition asking the Government to protect us, but
respect us:


These changes are so controversial that Attorney-General Nicola Roxon is
trying to rush them through the committee^1 - hoping they'll get through
before we catch on to what's going on, without proper scrutiny.

Intelligence agencies play a vital role in protecting our national
security, but that can't come at the expense of privacy and proper
safeguards. *These changes would treat everyone like criminals, seek to
reduce the checks and balances governing the use of and access to
intercepted communications, skirt the power of the courts, and give
significant powers to the intelligence services and the Attorney-General.*

GetUp members have successfully stood up for our privacy online in the
past. When the Rudd Government tried to introduce a mandatory internet
filter, GetUp members mobilised to ensure our internet is free from
unsolicited government interference. Now we must again come together to
protect our civil liberties.

These next few weeks are crucial as the Government's discussion paper is
debated in committee and reported on to Parliament. With such a short
time allowed for consultation, the Attorney-General and the Government
are trying to rush this through Parliament and avoid public scrutiny.
*Add your name to the petition and tell the Government to protect our
civil liberties:


Thanks for standing up,
The GetUp team

^[1] Paper reveals govt’s national security crackdown, Bernard Keane.
Crikey. 9 July, 2012

PS - Want to know more about these controversial proposals? We've put
together an informative video to explain the changes. *Watch it here:

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