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Radaris claims that it expropriates personal data from "a myriad of 
public sources ... such as telephone books, public data feeds, or 
directly from telephone companies and local exchange carriers ... 
[containing] non-sensitive information provided by individuals to 
state and federal agencies, post offices, courthouses, telephone 
companies, social web sites and other such entities": 

It implies that consent is unnecessary, and that it can collect, 
store, use and disclose personal data as it sees fit.

Radaris purports to offer a US-style opt-out mechanism.  But it has 
the temerity to demand additional personal data as a condition of 
considering deleting data, and it claims that deletion is at its 

A particularly attractive feature is the protection racket the 
company purports to run:
>How can I prevent myself from coming up in People Searches on the web?
>We have partnered with Reputation Defender to help you manage your 
>online reputation and privacy. We bring you two services: 
>MyReputation and MyPrivacy.

What a bunch of creeps.

But the .com.au transpires to be a thin skin over the .com site, and 
searches quickly revert to the .com site and offer non-Australian 

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