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Fri Nov 9 00:04:55 AEDT 2012

Noticed the latest watches are really smart these days?

For eg, these latest sports watches now feature GPS etc ..

* Garmin FENIX, $449  www.garmin.com.au

This powerful watch has GPS, and, adds an altimeter, barometer and 
compass. You can use this as you jog around town to track your route and 
it will provide distance and pace details. Head out for a walk and you 
can mark up to 10,000 points of interest along the way, and it has a 
rechargable battery with 50 hours in GPS mode, or six weeks in watch mode.

* Polar, $399  polaraustralia.com.au

Polar has long been a popular option with its range of heart-rate 
monitoring watches that can be linked to a footpod to provide information 
on fitness, distance and pace. So, this first Polar watch to include GPS 
will attract attention. Features include autolap, so it can indicate 
every kilometre, and a simple directional tool to help you find your way 
back to the start. The battery (rechargeable via USB) promises up to 120 
days as a watch, or 12 hours in GPS mode.

* Garmin FORERUNNER, $149 garmin.com.au

The beauty of this watch is its simplicity. Hit the button with the 
runner icon and wait a few seconds for it to locate satellites. Hit it 
again to start your run, then hit it when you stop. This model has 
autopause, so waiting to cross a road is not added to your time. It also 
has Garmin's Virtual Pacer that tells you if you are ahead, behind or 
right on your target pace. Forerunner 10 charges via a USB cable and you 
can upload to Garmin Connect.

* Timex IRONMAN, $319  www.timex.com

Besides GPS, this watch features an automatic pause if your run slows to 
a halt and the ability to create lap times at distances that suit you. 
You can program interval training programs with alarms to guide you, and 
set ranges based on heart rate, or pace, with an alarm to tell you if 
you're drifting outside your targets.

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