[LINK] Hardies - revisited

Frank O'Connor francisoconnor3 at bigpond.com
Mon Nov 12 21:13:05 AEDT 2012

NSW Supreme Court (Justice Gzell): They're all crooks, they have serious credibility problems, they acted to misinform shareholders and avoid debts to dying victims of the company ... they're guilty as sin and I fine them X and prohibit them from holding any corporate office for Y years.

NSW Court of Appeal: But they're one of us, and this is NSW for God's sake. Let's call them innocent.

High Court: Nope, they're guilty as sin ... but we're gonna refer the matter back to the Court of Appeal to re-examining sentencing.

NSW Court of Appeal: Well, OK .... but they're still one of us, and it's not done for one of us to get more than a slap on the hand. So we sentence them to fines of X/2 and prohibit them from holding any corporate office for Y/2 years ... I mean, we don't want this accountability and responsibility thing to get out of control do we? And besides, a goodly portion of the victims don't really count, because they're not one of us.

NSW: The Justice State

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