[LINK] Broadband and the future of education

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The latest issue of the Telecommunications Journal of Australia  (Vol 
62, No 5 2012) features education. The guest editorial, "Learning fast: 
Broadband and the future of education", by Kate Cornick and Jock Given 
is freely available (other articles require a subscription or 
membership): http://tja.org.au/index.php/tja/article/view/386/730

As well as the content, the format of TJA is also worth studying. The 
Canadian developed free open source Open Journal Systems software is 
used, with papers published as HTML for on screen reading, as well as 
PDF for printing.

Table of Contents

* Learning fast: Broadband and the future of education, Kate Cornick, 
Jock Given
* Innovation and learning: Australia's national research and education 
network: An interview with Chris Hancock, Liz Fell
* Inclusion during school absence: Using ambient technology to create a 
classroom presence for hospitalised children, Frank Vetere, Julie Green, 
Amy Nisselle, Xuan Thu Dang, Tsharni Zazryn, Paul Peng Deng
* Pre-figuring the 2020 NBN-enabled classroom: 'Zoo Connect', a case 
study, Wendy Doube, Mandy Salomon
* The role of IPTV in education, Ken Clarke, Michael Mccullough, Kursten 
Leins, Gil Tidhar, Doug Farmer
* NBN Virtual School of Emerging Sciences: How to transform the world 
one scientist at a time..., Nathan Bailey, Chris Harte, Debra Panizzon
* Universities as media organisations: A panel discussion, Jock Given
* From VHS to the Cloud: Audiovisual content in education comes a long 
way, Simon Lake
* A key performance indicator for journalists: The value of systems 
thinking for the field, John Cokley

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