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Perhaps one should also note that dome homes are not just low-cost. These
resources are from this same company, started by a US structural engineer.

Have a look at these ..


and, maybe also http://www.monolithic.com/topics/ecoshells

> Kim forwards,
> > http://www.designboom.com/art/tomas-saraceno-on-space-time-foam-a
> > billowing-aerial-landscape/    Kim Holburn
> Reminds one of this new dome-house-construction initiative ..
> 1 Lay a simple circular 7 to 40 metre diameter concrete slab
> 2 Inflate a re-usable nylon dome balloon on your slab floor
> 3 Lay rebar reinforcement all over your dome-shaped balloon
> 4 Flick 2-3cm wet cement over the balloon and reinforcement
> 5 When cement is dry, deflate and remove your dome balloon
> 6 Flick another 2-3cm layer of cement inside the dome home
> 7 Install whatever inside-non-load-bearing walls you want
> 8 Move into your super-strong dome house
> See: http://www.dftw.org/stories/ecoshell-construction
> These dome houses can be any size up to about 40 metre diameter or so.
> They take a few days and up to a week to build, and are hurricane and
> earthquake, tsunami and white-ant proof, cozy, low cost and permanent.
> These nylon-dome-balloons cost around $2-3 thousand each and each one
> re-used over and over will build a hundred or so new dome homes. They
> are very low-cost, warm, clean, dry, most comfortable to live in, and
> with very little to zero maintenance they will last for centuries. We
> hope to build numbers of them in the Philippines within a year or two.
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> Stephen
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