[LINK] Obama election technology.

tomk tomk at unwired.com.au
Tue Nov 20 11:41:08 AEDT 2012

On 20/11/2012 9:12 a.m., Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
> On 20/11/2012 9:55 AM, Jim Birch wrote: (It's too quiet.)
That's because there's Klingon's off the Starboard bow Jim...

(I've waited for over thirty years to meet a Jim to actually say that 
too. Thank's Jim).

It's difficult to enter meaningful discourse when a Klingon/Darlek/Vogon 
[pick any two] are pointing their death ray at you.

Who is it that said:

"When the Government stops being afraid of the people and the people 
start being afraid of the Government, it is time to change the 

> Belief without evidence is a wondrous thing. Unfortunately, reality 
> abhors stupidity. You can always tell a politician from the far right, 
> you just can't tell them much. 

As equally can be said for for the other extreme of the scale, with the 
exception that the far left is unable to understand the very simple 
equation of asset versus debt.
Whilst it's possible to rewrite the text books [including reprints if 
encyclopedia's and dictionaries], the actual physics of anti-matter and 
matter eventually have to somewhere be tested outside of the chalkboard.
In a small laboratory test in 1929, the results were not encouraging.
i.e.: it is easy  to start a fissionable reaction, (any school kid can 
do it) but the trick is to be able to stop it in time.
There would appear to be no middle ground in politics. There is Rape and 
there is Pillage.
Right brain or left brain.

Then again, one could merely tune into an excellent episode of Star Trek 
and ignore Politics altogether.
The plot of both is about the same, yet I find Star Trek far more 
believable, even series 1.


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