[LINK] What is an appropriate eBook format for public distribution?

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Tue Nov 20 11:55:30 AEDT 2012

David Boxall wrote:
> The World Bank issued a report on global warming yesterday 
> <http://climatechange.worldbank.org/content/climate-change-report-warns-dramatically-warmer-world-century>, 
> offering both pdf and eBook versions. Hoping for something more readable 
> than pdf, I clicked the eBook link 
> <http://issuu.com/world.bank.publications/docs/turn_down_the_heat> and 
> got some Flash obscenity.
> I guess pdf is familiar, so I can forgive its use, but Flash? For 
> accessibility, particularly since Adobe seems to be abandoning Android, 
> it seems a strange choice.
> I must be getting old.

Even Apple uses EPUB (zipped package of HTML files).

If it isn't already, Adobe will feel the heat from WebM, via youtube/Android...

But I would guess, the world bank's case is one of having a screw and a 

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