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[maybe they contracted with the same outfit as the Republicans ;-) ]

DJs' online frenzy ends in meltdown

Rachel Wells
Published: November 20, 2012 - 5:32PM
snubs joint retail frenzy
Frenzy - who's taking part

David Jones' attempt to hijack Australia's first national online 
shopping event with a sale of its own has backfired, with the 
department store's two week old website crashing this afternoon under 
the weight of heavy traffic.

A spokeswoman for the department store said unprecedented traffic to 
the site had caused the technical meltdown. By mid-afternoon, 
shoppers who earlier in the day had problems accessing some deals, 
could not even get on to the site.

"Basically, we've had an overwhelming response to our Christmas 
Frenzy event," the spokeswoman said. "Our stores have been trading 
well ahead of our expectations and our online site has been inundated 
with customers causing it to go into meltdown."

The site was inaccessible for about two hours. But it is now back online.


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