[LINK] Inexpensive GPON optical sniffing - a matter of time or already possible?

Fernando Cassia fcassia at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 07:17:27 AEDT 2012

I´m asking here because I know this list is full of fibre experts... and
there´s  lots of talk about NBN etc so I guess it´s on topic.

On traditional copper networks, debugging via sniffing is easier... at
least on ethernet wan ports. But on optical networks -think GPON FTTH-
debugging the wan port via ethernet sniffing is no longer possible as the
wan port is optical.

There´s some firms selling expensive "GPON sniffers in a box" that are
actually embedded computers (in the case below, running Windows XP
embedded) with a touch screen...

However, I´m thinking about a cheaper, DIY approach. So... is there any
pair of PCI cards with GPON optical ports that I can install on a PC and
act as "bridge", and insert it before the fibre reaches the Huawei ONT´s
WAN port on my GPON FTTH and sniff traffic??.

Sadly one FTTH ISPchooses to lock customers out of the ONT´s web admin
pages which shows connection quality and traffic statistics... and I´m
hoping to find some kind of password sent by the noc as part of the
initialization phase when you reset the ONT to the factory defaults and it
fetches back its config data from the NOC.

But of course I can´t even attemp to do this learning exercise if it
involves buying the expensive "dedicated sniffer" box above.

Thanks in advance for any pointers or ideas...

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- George Orwell

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