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At 17:22 +1000 5/9/13, Tom Worthington wrote:
>Greetings from the CSIRO Labs at Black Mountain in Canberra, where the
>Australian Government is consulting members of the computing profession
>on a cloud computing protocol.  ...

I submitted comments suggesting that, as currently conceived, the 
protocol is worth nothing to anyone;  and proposed what needed to be 
done to make it worthwhile, and indeed valuable, to the industry and 
to users of cloud computing: 

I waved my hand about this meeting, but wasn't invited to speak  (:-)}

>   ... Previously this was to be called a "code"
>but that has a specific meaning under the Telecommunications Act. The
>idea is to provide a set of requirements which cloud computing providers
>would adhere to, to make consumers more confident as to what service
>they were going to get. Obvious issues include the privacy of the
>consumer's data and the reliability of the service. There is a National
>Cloud Computing Strategy from government and media release on the
>Australian Computer Society's involvement. Roland Padilla is researching
>this topic for his PHD at University of Melbourne and is sharing some
>preliminary results with us.
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