[LINK] Coalition announces internet filter ... and immediately backs down

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At 09:23 PM 5/09/2013, rene wrote:
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>Two hours later, Mr Turnbull took to Twitter to say that: "The policy was
>in error - I would never support a mandatory internet filter."

Update with explanation of who is behind this in case you are in 
their electorate:

The idea was devised by the Coalition's Online Safety Working Group, 
which includes Mr Fletcher, Senator Gary Humphries, Alex Hawke, 
Natasha Griggs, Wyatt Roy, Patrick Secker, Senator Stephen Parry, 
Senator Bridget McKenzie and Luke Simpkins.

Last year the working group put out a policy proposal calling for 
products sold through vendors to meet "national standards for online 
safety for children".

Mr Fletcher said installing porn-filtering software by default was a 
new development that was added to the policy in recent months.

and this gem:
However, Mr Abbott knew enough about the online safety policy to give 
the Herald Sun an exclusive interview on Wednesday evening about the 
policy's other bombshell - a new commissioner with the power to jail 
cyber bullies for up to three months.

Again - something stinks.

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