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Kim Holburn kim.holburn at gmail.com
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On 2013/Sep/10, at 4:28 PM, Jan Whitaker wrote:

> Mr Turnbull, who was easily elected to his Sydney seat of Wentworth 
> on Saturday, said he thought there was also a large number of people 
> who voted fraudulently,

He thought?  With absolutely no proof in any form?

> "in the sense that they go to the polling 
> place and say they're someone else".
> He said he thought many people who did so were voting for a friend or 
> relative who was away or sick - and that this was based on anecdotal 
> evidence he had received since first running for Parliament in 2004.
> Impersonating another voter in a polling place is a serious offence 
> and carries a jail term of 6 months.
> Mr Turnbull said that electronic voting could be done in a closed 
> network in the polling booth so that it could not be hacked from the internet.

Is this a solution looking for a problem?

> "I think we considerably overestimate the security of the current 
> paper voting system, and we also overestimate the insecurity of 
> electronic voting systems," he said.

I think we do neither.  Most people who understand the technical issues don't think all that much of electronic voting systems.  Many people who don't understand the technical issues think electronic voting secure.  

>From the man who designed our new National Fraudband Network (in using that term, I am quoting the description of FTTN by the National Party's Fiona Nash) it doesn't look promising.  

I could also add, wasn't there an emergency, the country in a parlous state?  Don't they have something urgent to do?

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