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It's sounds to me like one of those things imported from the US extreme right wing.  Voter ID makes sense in the US because voting is not compulsory and it makes it harder for the poor to vote but it's just silly in Australia.

On 2013/Sep/10, at 10:22 PM, Craig Sanders wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 04:28:52PM +1000, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>> [We didn't hear a thing about it this time, even for disabled access. 
>> What happened to the 'next big thing'? I'd be interested in Linkers' 
>> view of the security of evoting now - have things changed or is 
>> Diebold still sus?]
> diebold is worse than suss. diebold and other commercial US voting
> machines have so many security holes in them that it goes way beyond
> mere incompetence - they could only have been designed deliberately that
> bad.

Agreed, as for electronic voting there are simple ways of doing it reasonably well - like having the machine print out your ballot, so you can check it for yourself.  The real problem seems to be the tallying systems and they seem to be just as insecure.  The closer to the centre the more likely a simple compromise can compromise an election.  That's where we have to be really careful.  What benefits do electronic tallying give us?  A slightly speedier but much more vulnerable system of counting.

>> http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/federal-election-2013/lets-ditch-the-paper-ballots-and-go-electric-malcolm-turnbull-20130910-2thiy.html
> to summarise:
> they're in power, and they're going to make sure they stay in power from
> now on, even after the australian public realise just how much they've
> screwed themselves. whatever it takes. and e-voting is far easier to
> manipulate in bulk than the current paper ballot system.
> and they're using the same "voter fraud" lies that they used this
> election to try to disenfranchise voters, and the last election. the
> same kind of likes that have been used very successfully in the US for
> decades to keep poor, non-anglo, and non-white people from voting.
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