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> At 06:05 PM 10/09/2013, Richard wrote:
> >My take, with a correction:
> >
> >
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/09/10/turnbull_floats_evote_compulsory_id/
> >
> >I was given the context lecture by a Turnbull staffer, which is typical
> >spinner behaviour. God knows what rope political staffers have around
> >gallery journalists' necks, that they will fall for it.
> At least unlike the US, they can't disenfranchise huge numbers of
> people or else they (the politicians proposing policies that would do
> so) would be in bigger trouble with the electorate. If anyone is
> following the crazy in the US, some states are instituting photo ID
> based of false information stating that voter fraud is high. Just as
> the noise in the Australian system leads to some fuzziness, there
> isn't enough to support that position.
> Do people vote who shouldn't? I know of two people who aren't
> Australian citizens who do. Should I report them? I don't know. They
> are Kiwi and British. Did they once have voting privileges? I don't
> know. Do they still? I don't know. But if citizenship is required,
> I'd bet you there are LOTS of liberal voters who shouldn't be voting.
> I wonder how he would feel about that impact?

Jan, Link,
You may encounter Kiwis, Poms etc who are on the electoral roll.

The rule (from memory) is that any person who is a citizen of a
Commonwealth Country and who was enrolled to vote in Australia on the 25th
January 1984 may continue to be enrolled (or reapply) to vote and may
continue to vote.

Since the 26 January 1984, Australian citizens only may apply to enrol.
Furthermore, they must enrol unless they have a good reason.


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