[LINK] Great ambiguity from CBA

Paul Brooks pbrooks-link at layer10.com.au
Thu Sep 12 09:24:12 AEST 2013

On 12/09/2013 9:09 AM, Karl Auer wrote:
> I just got my statement from the Commonwealth Bank. Enclosed with it was
> a brochure about PIN numbers - they want everyone to use a PIN, because
> they are more secure than signatures, doncha know.
> In the brochure was this gem:
>    "It's important to create a PIN that you can easily
>     remember, but can't be easily guessed, such
>     as your birthday or other public or semi-public
>     information"

Gold. Reminds me of the mouse-over text for http://xkcd.com/1087/ :

"My all-time favorite example of syntactic ambiguity comes from Wikipedia:
"Charlotte's Web is a children's novel by American author E. B. White, about a pig
named Wilbur who is saved from being slaughtered by an intelligent spider named


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