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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Fri Sep 13 08:22:22 AEST 2013

Over the years, Post Offices have evolved, the Glebe Post Office
succumbed to pressure from the Broadway shopping centre. The Leichhardt
Post Office, has recently returned to its home after a stint in a shopping
mall. I am very happy to say after a hard fought battle for a post office
over 100 years ago, we still have one in Annandale.

I regularly pay bills, post parcels and organise Passports at a Post
Office. In small country towns they were the CBA. Australia Post is now
doing courier/parcel deliveries for online stores. However, for some
mysterious reason they won't deliver to PO Boxes and the couriers
won't leave their "we missed you" cards in letter boxes. The cards
(and sometimes the parcels) are left on  doorsteps with instructions
to collect the parcel at the local post office after 4pm.

The mixture of items has always intrigued me, I once thought it was
upselling people to post a gift to a loved one...but now I am not sure. The
mobile phones make historical sense. Though, an enquiry about Phone
books, a few years ago, brought a retort that Telstra is now a private

The printers, USBs and stationary are an obvious extension, particulary
when a the Post Office outlet is in a Newsagent. Otherwise, interesting
(good/bad?/unfair?)competition with local newsagent small businesses.


Frank O'Connor wrote:
> It'll be interesting to see where Australia Post goes over the next few 
years, but I'd be sad to see my local disappear. They seem to do humungous
business (even out in the boondocks like here), and often have more
clientele than many of the local major shops.

Robin Whittle wrote:
> Jan wrote of the UK Royal Mail:
>> barbecue grill to a jellyfish aquarium. That is not a joke.
> Today I saw at the local Australia Post outlet (formerly thought of as a
> Post Office) a shelf of chocolates, jelly beans and I think bottles of

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