[LINK] Effect of New Government on ICT in Canberra

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Fri Sep 13 08:57:54 AEST 2013

At 08:30 AM 13/09/2013, Tom Worthington wrote:
>As an example, it is very annoying to have to go into an office to have
>some paper document sighted by an official, or to find a JP to get a
>"certified" copy. If this can be replaced with some form of on-line
>authentications, it makes the process much simpler.

It could be worse. I had to get some legal papers notorised with a 
seal at the US consulate a couple weeks ago because Australian JP 
witnessing isn't enough. $55AUD each for two sets of papers.

I guess a bonus was seeing the Ambassador arrive (this was in 
Melbourne) on the day the Syrian situation was coming to a head. But 
now that I saw yesterday that his term is ending, it was probably a 
farewell meeting with staff at the consulate.

Back to your point - it would be nice to have a reciprocal agreement 
on signature witnessing among Five-eyes, digital or not.


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