[LINK] New proposal for e-voting - Turnbull

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Sat Sep 14 15:49:01 AEST 2013

Tom Worthington wrote:
> My preference would be to introduce a similar eVoting system for federal 
> elections, but only at the larger polling booths, interstate and 
> pre-poll booths. Voters could be encouraged to "pop in and vote while 
> shopping" during the pre-poll period using the electronic system, while 
My preference is for voting to be in schools/civic centres rather than 
shopping malls.

Electronic voting in the booth would be fine - as long as the user 
interface was up to scratch.
It would be like an open book exam (it would be too late to start googling 
polices or calling a friend in the booth).
Though ofcourse, cheat sheets (how-to-votes collected on the way in) would 
be permitted.

Marghanita da Cruz
Ramin Communications Pty Ltd

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