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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Sun Sep 15 14:55:21 AEST 2013

At 02:44 PM 15/09/2013, Richard wrote:
>Just how does anyone propose to put 110 candidates on one screen without
>making it like "reading a newspaper through a keyhole"?

Very interesting question. If there were vision impaired persons 
options this time, how did they deal with the huge numbers of 
candidates? My guess: vote above the line. Does that disenfranchise 
them from full and equal participation?

If it worked, though, and there was a found way to deal with it, what 
was it? Might be able to learn from them.

>I've watched this debate every damn election I've been reading Link, and
>I'm sick of geeks trying to steal democracy. Always for my good, somehow.

Agreed. It's one of those elements of the other thread about who 
should be involved in making decisions about IT that affect the populace.


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