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At 03:58 PM 15/09/2013, Richard wrote:

>Neither of these solve the problem of inclusiveness, however.

The issue of including 'independents' or single issue reps, either in 
the Senate or lower house, is an interesting one. I'm less bothered 
by that than the bizantine preference distribution outcomes. I like 
the idea of non-aligned people in the Parliament because they have as 
much right to run and be elected as anyone else. There are silly ones 
and good ones and bad ones in the parties as well. As long as we have 
party representation instead of local representation, we need 
independents. The Indi example is a case in point. People got fed up 
with being ignored. I don't know if the new person will have a huge 
voice this time round because there isn't a hung parliament like last 
time. But she will have a voice and will speak to the issues of her 
local constituency and may even provide better services 
(non-legislative) than Mirabella did which is why she's lost.

I think this next 3 yrs are going to be quite interesting and Tony 
Abbott (as opposed to Tony Albonese -- did anyone else notice that 
similarity?) is going to get some home truths about politics being 
the art of compromise. Otherwise he's going to find himself either 
being replaced or a 1 term government because he'll stuff it up. Pick one.


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