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There are a few that are IT related, like these by 2017:

Provide all government correspondence, documents and forms in digital format
Make sure every government interaction that happens more than 50,000 
times a year is done online (Source: Coalition election policy 
documents; Tony Abbott)

Hmmm...Sounds a bit like the ehealth record ambitions. And we all 
know how well that's turned out.....not.

Within first Twelve months:
Designate three agencies with high-volume client interaction to trial 
three services using next-generation tele-presence from 2014

What the heck is a 'next-generation tele-presence'?? Anyone?

Within six months:
Complete review of NBN Co commercial progress
Complete independent audit of NBN design
Complete independent review into long-term structure and regulation 
of telecommunications

Complete as in 'finish' or complete as in 'comprehensive'?

Within first two months:
Start root-and-branch review of competition laws

Telecommunications anyone? Newspapers? Retail giants?
And what really does 'root and branch' mean?

First sitting fortnight:
Amend laws to ensure registered organisations and their officials 
have to play by the same rules as companies and their directors

Not sure how that's going to work since 'registered organisations' 
that are not-for-profit as well as corps register with states, don't 
they? I know our clubs do. Is this more smoke or is he making a play 
for something involving unions and not thinking through the whole 
range of what 'registered organisations' means?

Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride....
Bette Davis, 1950, All About Eve.....



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