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Jan Whitaker jwhit at janwhitaker.com
Mon Sep 23 08:58:03 AEST 2013

This is interesting. I was reading the story in the Age this morning 
about the Liberal policy (now I guess government policy) to establish 
transit centres for asylum seekers so they don't even get to 
Christmas Island. I hadn't heard anything about this one, but it's 
evidently once again got the Indonesians offside. So I went to find 
the policy. Search search. Ah, there it is. The obligatory anti-Labor 
stuff opens on the page, but there is a link to the actual policy 
included. I hovered on it and guess what: they're storing their 
policies in Amazon!


Is this a sign of things to come? Is this evidence of a deal done 
already with this commercial outfit for storage of what will be 
government information in off-shore storage instead of on-shore?

Note it's not an https address either (I used an https by editing the 
link and it did work). What information about accesses will be 
collected through this arrangement? Will my IP address be tagged for 
example? Any other metadata? Would the government know what is going 
on in the Amazon storage at all? Would they be smart enough to even 
ask the questions?

Is anyone aware of what is going on in the transition for information 
handling by govt agencies?

PS: after reading the "policy" (sic), it doesn't make much sense, but 
it explains the references to leasing commercial boats: "a fleet of 
fast transfer vessels could be (note - could be) commercially leased 
(commercially?) to take asylum seekers directly from SIEV to the 
nearest authorised transit port (no indication where these might be, 
presumably Indonesia, but the policy doesn't say) for charter air 
transfer (more $$$) directly to Manus or Nauru for processing of 
their asylum claims."

I had to type all that because the PDF document is restricted from 
direct copying.

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