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Thu Sep 26 11:55:29 AEST 2013

I like Turn based games like wargames and so on.
I have been playing Battle Academy on the iPad.
I also have to recommend "Aliens Vs Humans" on the iPad.

I don't have many "computer" games but I do have "Starfleet Command" 
which is a Star Trek simulation where the player controls a starship
or 3 in real time, controlling power management, weapons etc.
It is based on an old board game called "starfleet battles".

It is very satisfying to destroy Klingon or Romulan dreadnoughts
with my underpowered Battle Cruiser.  The AI puts up excellent 
tactics and it is adapative so it doesn't just sit there and let you

it was made back in 2000 and is a PC game, but I play it on the Mac
using WINE.  You should also checkout Steam as there are lot of 
old games on there packaged to run on PC or Mac.

I am also a huge XCOM fan....


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